Blogging & Copywriting.

Little known fact: the commonly-used placeholder text Lorem ipsum loosely translates from Latin as:

“Yikes, I have no idea what to write here. I should really hire Robbie Stevens to do it for me.”

Robbie Stevens is an accomplished writer who specializes in blogging, copywriting, and technical writing. He has written and edited content for companies in an array of industries including oil & gas, high-tech, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and entertainment.

Robbie’s content has been featured by companies like Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Texas Memory Systems (now IBM Storage), Spark EnergyReynolds & ReynoldsMARION Integrated Marketing, Marketects, and The Liberty Group.

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SEO Copywriting

Back when QR codes were a shiny, new toy for marketers to play with, Robbie concocted a viral social media contest to position MARION Integrated Marketing as a leader in this emerging technology. A key element to the contest was interacting with fans in a fun, shareable style to drive conversation and engagement, and the contest FAQ didn’t disappoint:

Client: MARION Integrated Marketing


When Robbie Stevens redesigned The Liberty Group’s website, he wrote (or rewrote) dozens of webpages to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) best practices, and the results were dramatic: the site experienced a staggering 600% increase in traffic.

Responsive Web Design: The Liberty Group
Client: The Liberty Group


Robbie Stevens is an accomplished blogger who has written, ghost written, or edited dozens of blog articles. Here’s just a small smackerel of Robbie’s work for Marketects, The Liberty Group, and MARION Integrated Marketing. (Click a preview image below to read the full blog text.)

Industrial blogging: 4 inbound marketing numbers
Client: Marketects

Industrial blogging: Thought leadership for social media
Client: Marketects

Recruiter blogging: Facebook Graph Search vs LinkedIn
Client: The Liberty Group

Marketing agency blogging: Top ten terrible Christmas gifts
Client: MARION Integrated Marketing

Search engine blogging: Google Bing Yahoo
Client: MARION Integrated Marketing

Technical Writing

It’s difficult to communicate complex technical information in a way non-technical audiences can easily understand. Large corporations including Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM Storage, and Reynolds & Reynolds found their solution in Robbie Stevens.

Robbie produced documentation, online help systems, whitepapers, case studies, datasheets, and more for multiple industries including software, hardware, oil & gas / oilfield services, aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, and entertainment.

Technical writing: HP VCEM Virtual Connect Enterprise Manager SOAP API guide
Client: Hewlett Packard Enterprise; Agency: TarrenPoint

Technical writing: Variable Stripe RAID white paper IBM Storage
Client: IBM Storage / Texas Memory Systems

Technical writing: Reynolds Internet Business Connection user manual
Client: Reynolds & Reynolds